Styleline Magazine Featured Multi color Clip On Earring

Antreinasearrings featured in Styleline Magazine.  Featured, Umi multi color clip on earring.You may also purchase Clip earrings at this fine women boutique.  Antreina's earrings are padded for comfort.   Please email any questions about wearing clip on earrings.  I would love ore to read your comment below.  Visit Styleline Magazine today.

Styleline Magazine Featured Multi color Clip on earring

Blooming Clip On Earring

It's Spring!  I noticed Flowers blooming in March.  Living in an area with four seasons, it's normally in the 30's not the 80's during this time of the year.  I was so afraid of the frost destroying everything that had blooms.  One day cold and 80  degrees the next.  These were the conditions after the flowers bloomed.  It's funny how the sunshine changing the atmosphere.  I created a flower earring, the frost could never destroy, blooming 24 x 7 all year round.   Ambrosia a pink and yellow flower on the ear and Azalea, in blue.  I'm hoping my designs will have the same affect as the sun, putting smiles on faces passing by.  A flower is always in full bloom, no matter what the weather conditions are.
Clip on earrings for women!

Making Clip on Hoop Earrings

I tried very hard to make clip on hoop earrings for women.  Oh boy!  What a challenge.  When you don't know, the road ahead is more challenging.  I thank God for answering my prayers and showing me the way.  Little by little, I was able to conquer the challenge.  I decided to do a video to inspire and let people know,  Yes you Can!!!    Keep in mind the heavy the wire gauge, more sturdier the hoop.... Clip on earrings for women  Like my fan page... :-)

The Dark side of Clip on Earrings

I closed the door to a storage room. kneeled down and cried out... Lord, if I have to work this hard, let me do-it for myself. Several days later a voice said: "Sell Jewelry" During this time I worked as an administrative assistant, doing everyone else's job, plus my own and I was still able to hear, the voice with-in. Not knowing much about the jewelry industry, I started to take tiny steps and to my surprise Antreina's Creations was born! Above is one of the first earrings I created. Not knowing where to purchased denim jewelry findings, I went to a fabric store and purchase a small amount, and started cutting away. I fell in love with the end results featured above. The picture was taken in September 2011. Overall I’m impressed with the condition of the earring.I used a two part Epoxy glue, which held the earring together pretty good.There’s some yellowing from the glue and some stones missing, but overall, to be over 20 years old, I'm impressed with the results…

NAPPY NATURALLY: {fellow nappynista} antreina of antreina's earring...

NAPPY NATURALLY: {fellow nappynista} antreina of antreina's earring...: As I watch the transformation of women who are learning to love their natural hair, I find a common denominator: the love of accessorizing...

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